Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Well Halloween is done and its time to clean up, but I have some pins that I used from last week that I wanted to share before I get it all packed away!!  I have a board I call "beauty" where I pin things like hair and nail ideas, not for me, but for my teenage daughters.  My 15 year old decided to wear the same pumpkin costume from when she was 2 and curl her hair and spray it green for her "pumpkin vines".  This pin looked like a promising way to get curls so she decided to try it!

It really worked.  The curls were super cute and way better than a curling iron.  It was quick and easy too, she did it herself before early morning seminary at that!!

I also made a monster door that I had pinned for Halloween decorations.  It was cute, although I am embarrassed that I have old tape residue still on my door from the previous owner.  Cleaning it is now on my pintastic-to-do list!!

The last thing I did from Pinterest last week was a delicious Cheesy Potato Casserole recipe.  I don't think you can buy Velveeta Cheese any more, at least not where I shop so I just used more cheddar, I like "old" it has great flavour.  I substituted some ham that I had frozen from earlier in the month and it was soooo yummy. It was sodelicious I couldn't wait for lunch the next day for leftovers!!

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  1. It is so great to know which pins actually work out the way you want then too.