Friday, 16 November 2012

Pintastic News

Are you as excited about the "secret" boards as I am!?!  I was just trying to figure out the other week how I could make a board for my eyes only.  I am using mine for party favours or ideas for gifts that I want to keep to myself so as to not ruin the surprise!  I think some people my use it for shady things, but hey if those images are kept secret away from my eyes I am all for that as well.

I tried another pin off my "beauty" board this week.  It worked pretty well, if you would like a more textured look I would suggest curling the hair first.  I French braided the first third to incorporate her layered bangs.  The three sections are just braided then secured with an elastic at the bottom of each braid only, not a secured ponytail then braided.  Be sure to be careful to hide the elastics, I missed one.  We were both happy with how it turned out, it never took a lot of time or patience which means its a good choice for early morning week days or getting to church on time!!

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