Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I have been spending so much time gathering and organizing pins on Pinterest that I decided it was time to start incorporating some of these fantastic ideas.  You can follow me I decided to pick one or two pins to do each week.  Sometimes it might be a new recipe or scrapbook layout others will be crafting projects or organization ideas.  I am having so much fun doing these I wanted a way to share my success with others so I created this blog.

Both projects I did this week are pins from my Halloween board.  The first is a quick, simple yet sweet, ruffle pumpkin from .  You will find a great photo and instructions there.  I changed only the size and added tendrils  because my teenage daughter pointed out that pumpkins had vines and mine were missing so it looked more like an apple and who doesn't love little curlies!  I used a 5" ball and 3.5" circles.  If you do the bigger size you will need 10-11 sheets of felt.

For the second project I took my inspiration from something I had seen before on the internet and in magazines.  You can find an example here.  I made mine a plaque rather than blocks only because that is what I had lying around.  I just chose the colours I wanted, or had on hand, cut my letters using my Cricut then inked the edges.  You can add as many or little embellishments as suits your style.  Once each panel was how I wanted it I covered the whole thing with Mod Podge, first the board then over top the whole project.


  1. awesome! I will look forward to seeing what you get up to each week... do you take suggestions? there's a couple of things I want to try, just a little short of time right now :)

  2. I will CONSIDER suggestions, but no promises! ;)